Slow ya roll chief! As the prophet Juvenile said: "Back, back, back it up!"

Nature of Code Final

My final was about how we can use specific indicators to better manage our days to become less stresses out. ITP’s floor biggest problem is that 98% of students I have questioned are suffering from some form of anxiety, driven mostly by other student’s anxiety. It’s a perpetual cycle with detrimental side effects, some effects I also too am trying to manage.





Week 3: Data Set – Wine!

It’s that time of year to enjoy a nice, full-bodied glass of deep, ruby red wine on a nice evening.

The data set that I wanted to use is the Wine dataset here. I found it while browsing around looking for good data sets and this one seems simple enough for me to properly learn how to recommend data based on input from the user, sort of like a movie recommendation engine. It’s on the Machine Learning Repository.

Alternatively, has a pretty extensive data set in JSON that I would be able to parse thought. Not sure what would be the best to use.


Design Expo: Week 3

A first pass at our vision, mission, and product statements:


To empower people to live healthier lives.


We physicalize accurate, realtime data to create a more engaging fitness experience.


We are creating a MR experience that adds an informative, social and interactive layer to the running experience.

What does that mean?
We physically contextualize data and training goals to make training more personal than racing a clock.



Google form: LINK

Channels: Facebook friends, random runners, Running forums

We are following the customer development mindset in actively reaching out to those one degree away from our network to really get a sense of the problem with running tech today. By actively trying to seek out the problem, we can accurately plan and design our AR solution to meet the needs of our potential users.

We have already had conversations with active runners and plan to continue our efforts here.


Project Plan

Our project plan can be found here:


Next Steps

1) Consistently perform customer development on a weekly basis

2) Develop user stories guided by our customer development efforts 

3) Organize features and develop low fidelity wireframes to then test on isers. We have an idea how we might be able to accurately and efficiently prototype and test on users

4) Develop a story board for our commercial complete with requirements needed for the shoot 

Reconstructing Memory in 3D

Driving in Obama’s Motorcade in NYC

I used my memory of getting the amazing opportunity to drive a van in former President Obama’s motorcade during his reelection campaign. We drove everywhere around NYC, taking the President to various locations in Manhattan. This is the same night he sang Al Green at the Apollo. At one of the stops along the way, we were parked (all the vans carrying journalists and secretary generals) alongside one side of the block and the Executive SUVs along with the POTUS limo lined the other corner of the block. I remember walking from my corner and seeing them in this formation. Surreal.

*Side Note: Didn’t want to pay for the Presidential Limo 3D image so I threw the Prezi into a Maybach 57. Not bad POTUS!

From that day!