Enertion: Update 1

I have made a bunch of progress on the project this week. In my research of wearables that you can measure your brain activity, I decided that going with something like the NeuroSky Headset. I have ordered one and will be using it to measure brain activity before, during and after meditation sessions. I have decided against the thermodynamic camera for two reasons, one the price, and two the lack of solid verifiable scientific evidence that it actually works and measures the ‘aura’ around an individual.

I’m developing a method of analysis now to see how I can best measure and discuss energy.



I had a chat with Alex Morrison, who is a research scientist whose research interests include the interaction of cognition with stress and aging and the ability to enhance or protect cognition though mindfulness training and computerized working memory training. She is available to help think through the cognition-related elements of this final.


Meditation Pod

I have built the entire meditation pod in which I’m going to conduct these experiments. You can find the BOM here. Here are some pictures: