Gangsta Grandma

Jeff Park and I created a world inspired by ridiculous Uber stories. Titled ‘Gangsta Grandma’ the short animation provides a glimpse into the life of a grandma who is never afraid to back down from a fight and save the day.

Sparky: The Guard Robot


I wanted to explore the world of robotics, so I ordered a robot chassis online and used what I could find from either the junk shelf or my own personal parts bins to create something that worked. I settled on a motion detector as my amain source of input.



  • Robot car chassis (includes two DC motors)
  • PIR motion detector
  • Jumper wires
  • breadboard
  • Battery Holder
  • TIP120 (2)



I began by first phtting the chassis together. Once that was done, I began searching in my personal electronics bin as well as the shops junk shelf to find items i could use to give my robot some personality.


Future Considerations

I will definitely want to work with a micro controller to make this robot smarter in not only how it detects motion, but how it responds to that input. Currently it just senses motion and runs in a random direction. I also would properly mount the enclosure and the breadboard to the chassis while also doing a better job in hiding the wires that are currently protruding from the robot.