Levante 2.0 – Handcrafted Wood & Acrylic Laptop Stands


I wanted to see If I could take the previous laptop stands I created to the next level in terms of consistency and aesthetic. I wanted to create something sleek, useful and ergonomic.


Initial Sketches


The Strategy

I wanted to combine two pieces of 1/4″ plywood, 1/4″ acrylic and 1/16th” acrylic for each of the two parts of the stand as that was the maximum thickness the laser cut would be able to cut. I would then bond them together.


Special Thanks

This wouldn’t be possible without the help from some of the most amazing creators at ITP!


Getting Started


  • 1 Sheet of 1/4″ plywood
  • 1/4″ of blue acrylic
  • 1/16″ of white acrylic
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharpie
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Masking Tape
  • Gorilla Glue or Bonding Cement
  • Several pieces of cardboard


  • Exacto knife
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Laser Printer
  • Large, Medium and Small clamps


The Process

I first started to prototype with card board to help verify that I got the sizing correct.

After I verified that it was fitting my laptop, I laser cut into the acrylic. It took about 8 rounds of cutting but it finally cut through.

Then I began laser cutting the wood.

This is the design file I used. I organized everything into layers so I could etch and then cut in order to keep everything consistent.

After it was all cut, I applied Sharpie followed by dry erase marker and then wiped it off to really make the etch stand out with the brand name.

Now the bonding begins!

You can never have too many clamps!


This is where things went way wrong. I decided to paint both parts after I sanded them down a bit to make the wood parts even. I thought masking would work..


Final Product Shots



  1. I should have painted the body before putting the white plate on. (thanks Dani for helping me scrub off the pain with nail polish remover!)
  2. I need to make the blue standout more but moving that sheet to be right after the white plate. it’s hidden and you can’t see the color that well
  3. Use less parts. Will use the CNC to get out 1/2″ wood blocks as having 4 sliding pieces during the cementing process was tricky. I want to make these more consistent.

I might experiment without painting and possible applying a nice finish to wood.