Compliation Day: Digital and Physical Become One

This day did it for me. Melding the worlds of physical and digital was an awesome experience and something I have been looking forward to all semester. My partner and I both worked on our own mini-projects, which simultaneously helping each other figure out how to make everything work properly in p5. Below I have documented what I made that day.

Control RGB Values of a Particle System

Using 3 potentiometers, I connected each one to their own analog pins. I then fed the sensor values from Arduino into p5 and organized the data appropriately (with the help of Craig, Dan, and Kat) to effectively change each value properly (R, G, B) and have it relay that change immediately on the screen. I have posted the code here:


I want state that there was a delay, probably caused by the two sides communicating via the serial port that slowed down the processing of information. What this looked like was me turning the knobs and it changing colors after 15-20 seconds, which is not ideal.

Compilation Day: RGB value knobs from Jesal Trivedi on Vimeo.